Bulfinch Works with The Jamaica Plain Historical Society to Reinstall Eden of America Plaque on JP

NEEDHAM, MA – July 10, 2018

Bulfinch, a private commercial real estate investment firm, is delighted to announce that it has partnered with the Jamaica Plain Historical Society (JPHS) to reinstall a historical plaque on the Jamaica Plain Post Office, owned and managed by an affiliate of Bulfinch.

The “Eden of America” Boston 200 plaque originally resided on the JP Post Office at 655 Centre Street and was removed 14 years ago when the building was under construction. George Fifield, a Myrtle Street resident, saved the plaque and recently returned it to be reinstated on the Post Office.

This plaque is one of three other 1976 bicentennial historical plaques that JPHS has worked to relocate and reinstall in the last few years. The plaque reads “Jamaica Plain is the Eden of America” and includes an image from a 19th century A. J. Dowling “Pattern Book” of a Tuscan Villa-style Victorian house, similar in design to the neighborhood residences.

The JPHS held a rededication and unveiling ceremony on Wednesday, June 27th. Michael Reiskind, Vice President of JPHS, addressed a small crowd with Chris Osgood, Boston’s Chief of Streets, in attendance along with members of the JPHS, Bulfinch representatives and local residents.

“Bulfinch is honored to work with the JP Historical Society to preserve JP’s rich history in the City of Boston,” said Eric Schlager, Bulfinch CEO. “We are proud to display the ‘Eden of America’ plaque on our building as symbol of pride and to celebrate the beauty of the 19th Century.”