Bulfinch Joins the #GetTheTestBoston Pledge to Combat Increasing COVID-19 Numbers

BOSTON, MA – November 13, 2020

Bulfinch announces its involvement in #GetTheTestBoston pledge, an effort of Mayor Walsh and the City of Boston to curtail the spread of COVID-19 as winter approaches. 

The #GetTheTestBoston pledge is part of an effort to decrease positive COVID-19 numbers as rates continue to rise throughout Massachusetts and the City of Boston. The pledge addresses the critical nature of increased testing as we come together to look out for our community and take the proper steps to stop the spread of the virus. Although the pledge is a City of Boston initiative, Bulfinch is encouraging testing for all  employees throughout Greater Boston and New England.

Bulfinch’s pledge is the latest in the company’s efforts to provide enhanced resources to employees during the pandemic to ensure that the team, and their families, remain safe and healthy. As a part of the #GetTheTestBoston pledge, Bulfinch will encourage all employees to consider testing, even without exhibiting symptoms of the virus. Bulfinch will also provide information regarding COVID-19 testing sites (including locations and free options for asymptomatic individuals). As part of this commitment, Bulfinch has pledged to give all employees flexible paid time off, every 14 days, to get tested during normal work hours.

Although tests were once extremely difficult to obtain, Boston has expanded access to testing, and now encourages all residents to get tested more frequently, particularly those who go outside their home for work or other reasons. Residents with no symptoms can still be infected with COVID-19 and transmit the virus, according to the CDC. The #GetTheTestBoston pledge encourages Boston residents to test and urges those who interact with others frequently to get tested on a regular basis.

During the pandemic, Bulfinch has significantly increased the level of resources available to employees for testing services and other remote and in-person medical resources for employee health and well-being.

“Testing is key in stopping the spread, and Bulfinch’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of our employees has always been paramount,” stated Elyse Kelley, People Operations Manager at Bulfinch. “Bulfinch will continue to share resources and awareness about testing opportunities to our team members in an effort to decrease the positivity rate throughout Greater Boston.”